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Our belief: “Yili" represents the highest quality

Quality is as precious as life itself (based on the highest principles)

Quality represents 100 percent devotion, 100 percent attention to safety, 100 percent health-enhancing dedication (reflecting the most stringent standards)

Everyone is a creator of quality (demonstrating the finest behavior)

Our vision: Becoming the most trusted health-food provider around the world.

Delivering the finest products and services to the world

Advocating a healthy lifestyle for the benefit of everyone

Leading the industry’s development on the world stage

Fulfilling social responsibilities, with diligence and devotion

Our core values: Excellence, Accountability, Innovation, Win-win

Excellence: Exceeding expectations continuously

Accountability: Whole heartedly embracing responsibility

Innovation: Inventing and progressing each and every day

Win-win: Progressing hand in hand for collective strength and superior results

The Spirit of Yili:

With a strong ownership mindset, Yili people molded its unique core competitive advantages, including a spirit of accountability, outstanding execution capabilities, and exceptional qualities in the pursuit of excellence.

Be loyal, trustworthy, grateful, and value emotions

Be courageous in meeting challenges, diligent in overcoming them

Be extremely disciplined, highly efficient in execution

Be vigilant, ever-innovative

Be self-disciplined and self-reflective, fostering a virtuous atmosphere