Positive Yili

No embezzlement and misappropriation
No embezzlement and misappropriation: No malpractice for personal gain, such as embezzlement, extortion, acceptance of bribes, and acceptance of illegitimate interests, etc. It is not allowed to occupy and use corporate property in violation of regulations. It is also prohibited to use one's position to take advantage of the company's assets.
No extravagance
No extravagance: No use of public funds for excessive spending, such as eating, drinking, and entertainment, and extravagance. It is also not allowed to accept banquets from customers or receive improper benefits. Solicitation of cash, gifts, and securities from business units is prohibited.
No harming corporate interest for personal gains
No harming public and private interests: No activities that harm the interests of the company, other employees, or other personnel related to the company, or cause damage to their properties.
No leaking secrets or disloyalty
No leaking secrets and disloyalty: No activities that endanger the interests of the company. Disclosing technical or other confidential materials, data, drawings, instructions, etc. related to the company, the company's business or operations is prohibited.
No moral corruption
No moral corruption: No participation in pornographic entertainment, promiscuous behavior, or improper relationships between men and women. Using improper relationships to interfere with the normal work of the company is prohibited.
No drug use or gambling
No drug abuse and gambling: No participation in gambling or provision of places for gambling. Drug use, drug dealing, or solicitation of drug use is prohibited.
"Yili's high-voltage lines are full of electricity, so don't touch them, otherwise your tomorrow will be ruined." Any violations will result in punishment in accordance with the Yili Group Employee Reward and Punishment System and Yili Group Anti-Fraud Management Measures.
Anti-corruption policy of Yili
Reporting Platform
Mailing Address:
Disciplinary Committee of Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd., No. 1 Jinshan Street, Jinshan Development Zone, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia