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The 120 km2 World Silicon Valley: Yili Modern Intelligent Health Valley Opens up An Immersive Exploration Journey

Time: 2022-07-22 Views: 13660

Thousands of builders have worked tirelessly day and night, pushing forward multiple major projects simultaneously. The Yili Modern Intelligent Health Valley project has entered a period of accelerated construction, with several facilities already completed and ready for use, including the Global Liquid Milk Intelligent Production Base, Chilechuan Ecological Intelligent Pasture, and the Yili Intelligent Manufacturing Experience Center.

As a key project in the "14th Five-Year Plan" of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Hohhot City, the core development area of the Yili Modern Smart Health Valley covers a core area of 38 square kilometers, while the coordinated development area covers 120 square kilometers. the Valley stands out for its strategic vision aimed at stimulating holistic development across the entire industry chain, harnessing digital transformation to empower the construction of a smart city, and realizing the integration of industrial and urban functions through an eco-friendly approach, ushering in a new era of industrial-urban integration. Here, consumers can delve deeper into the history and future of the world's top five dairy companies, including Asia's largest dairy company, Yili, and experience the most advanced dairy production processes in the world, while also gaining a clear understanding of the highest level of Chinese dairy industry's strength and the significant achievements of the national "dairy industry revitalization" campaign.

First Stop: The World-class 5A Industrial Tourism Destination

The Yili Intelligent Manufacturing Experience Center Immerses Visitors in An Intelligence-driven World

Passing through an ecological park consisting of a water system and green vegetation, a huge "butterfly"-shaped building catches the eye - this is the Yili Intelligent Manufacturing Experience Center. Breaking through traditional reception service functions, the center focuses on creating a 5A-level multi-functional comprehensive space with "four hearts and one body". It integrates Yili Smart Manufacturing Service Center, Cultural Experience Center, Dairy Nutrition Research and Study Center, and Dairy Tourism Visitor Service Center, while also serving as a platform for guiding, promoting, distributing, recreation, and services, integrating intelligent technology and humanistic care themes, and building an industrial tourism service platform that comprehensively experiences "sharing health with every one in the world".

Entering the blue-and-white lobby, the flexible screen suspended from the ceiling displays a liquid-flowing image that vividly depicts the flowing pure milk source, symbolizing pure milk's sustainable nourishment for healthy life, connecting with every consumer. Walking through the corridor, the world's first industrial 5D cinema uses advanced audiovisual technology to present Yili's brand development in a diverse, youthful, cute, and story-based way. There is also the first immersive smart flagship store in China, which not only showcases Yili's five major business unit's star products but also includes a variety of Yili cultural and creative products, expressing Yili's pursuit of quality and a better life.

Yili Shijie (Yili’s world of vision, a flexible screen that offers great visual experience)

In addition, the center has established the first exclusive industrial research and education base in China, with the aim of continuously popularizing dairy knowledge and conveying health concepts. It has developed a series of specialized and thematic nutrition science popularization courses for different age groups, as well as a professional team of research and education mentors, to provide high-quality research and education services for students. It closely links research and education with the growth of young people, promotes sustainable development education, practices corporate social responsibility, carries out scientific practice innovation, and promotes the innovative integration of quality education.

Second Stop: The World's Largest Standalone Liquid Milk Base

The Global Liquid Milk Intelligent Production Base Opens Up A Journey of Milk Galaxy

Among Yili's various brand products, Yili Liquid Milk, including Yili, AMBPOMIAL, and Satine, has an combined annual revenue of over 20 billion yuan, continuously building a sparkling milk galaxy with brand aggregation. Riding on a tour bus, consumers will arrive at the world's largest single liquid milk global benchmark base, covering an area of about 950 acres, equivalent to 89 FIFA World Cup stadiums, with 12 standalone buildings.

Entering the base, visitors must first pass through a simulated wind shower channel to effectively and quickly remove debris (such as dust, hair, and dander) adhering to their bodies and work clothes, ensuring a clean and sterile entry into the production workshop. Arriving at the workshop, what can be seen through the glass windows is the pretreatment workshop, where there are core processes such as separation, homogenization, membrane filtration, and ultra-high-temperature sterilization, each of which plays a crucial role in the quality of milk. After pretreatment, the milk is transported through pipelines to the filling workshop, where the filling machine is continuously packaging the milk into cans. Yili has continuously introduced advanced equipment and technology, and the filling speed has achieved a leap from 5,000 packs per hour to 10,000 packs per hour. Now with the introduction of the world's most advanced Tetra Pak E3 high-speed filling machine, the filling speed has reached 40,000 packs per hour. This speed means that an ordinary person can pack more than 4.4 packs of milk with a single blink of an eye. The daily production capacity can meet the milk consumption needs of nearly one million people. To better understand the milk production process, the audience can use the central control screen to see the entire process, from the pasture end, to the factory end, to the logistics end, and to the complete process from feed to raw milk, to finished milk, and then to the supermarket, truly allowing consumers to enjoy Yili's high-quality milk with peace of mind.

The Global Liquid Milk Intelligent Production Base: Intelligent liquid milk production line

At the same time, during the construction process, the base has always adhered to zero-carbon environmental protection technology and green environmental protection concepts, adopting the world's most advanced thermal energy recovery technology, which can effectively save 5,329 tons of standard coal and reduce 41,895 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually, equivalent to saving 11.4 million kWh of electricity; The upgraded production technology for pure milk can save energy equivalent to the daily electricity consumption of 930 households of four people each day; the base also uses the international advanced unmanned warehousing system, and all the conveying chain motors used in the automatic high-altitude conveying chain are the world's most advanced and energy-saving SEW frequency conversion integrated machines, with electricity consumption only 70% of ordinary motors. Through intelligent technology and green leadership, low-carbon, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly production can be truly achieved.

Third Stop: The World's Most Sophisticated Infant Formula Factory

The Global Liquid Milk Intelligent Production Base explores invaluable motherhood

After visiting The Global Liquid Milk Intelligent Production Base, we came to The Global Intelligent Production Base of Milk Powder designed by Germany's E+H company and it ranks the first place in the world's industrial design field. The base is not only the largest single-scale, most technologically advanced, and most digitalized infant powder production base in the world but also the first sponge factory and the model 5A immersive industrial tourism project in China, ranking among the top in the world in five fields including equipment technology, logistics, and warehousing.

The Global Intelligent Production Base of Milk Powder has various leading interactive technologies worldwide. Guided by the storyline of "Exploring the Treasure of Motherhood " viewers will trigger the aircraft on the screen through biological intelligent recognition technology and start the visit to the infant formula base. The first thing you see is the infant formula space station, which emphasizes the use of digital technology. The overall layout plan of the factory is presented in the form of an electronic sand table, displaying equipment models such as pre-processing, ingredient dispensing, mixing, concentration, and drying. It is the first time in China to use intelligent robotic arms to decrypt the factory layout. Through the dynamic interpretation of the robotic arm, the production highlights of each section are displayed on the screen, making us more clear and comprehensive understanding of Yili's control over the quality of infant formula.

The Global Intelligent Production Base of Milk Powder - Infant Powder Space Station

In the "Nutrition Classroom", there is a global-first personalized infant formula interactive project that analyzes personal basic information and health demands to provide consumers with an exclusive nutritional formula. In the smart three-dimensional library of the infant formula base, consumers can have a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the library through immersive experiences using suspended balls, visual effects, and intelligent capacitive glass displays. The smart three-dimensional library is equipped with an intelligent warehousing system, which enables automatic, efficient, high-energy, and high-speed operation, and maintains constant temperature and humidity, as well as air cleanliness at the standard of a production workshop of 100,000 grades at any time. At the same time, the infant formula base is also the first factory to introduce the milk-water closed-loop recycling technology. This technology reuses the water evaporated from milk, as well as collects and processes rainwater and wastewater for secondary use such as household and irrigation water. This achieves true green and environmentally friendly production, and helps to achieve the "double carbon target."

Fourth Station: Global Green and Intelligent Demonstration Ranch

Chilechuan Ecological Intelligent Pasture witnesses a pure natural ranch production mode. The scene described by a folk song from the Northern and Southern Dynasties period, "The sky is vast, the wild is boundless, and the wind blows low to see cows and sheep," is reproduced at the Yili Chilechuan Ecological Intelligent Pasture. As one of the ranches built to support the construction of the Yili Modern Intelligent Health Valley, Chilechuan Ecological Intelligent Pasture covers an area of 11,250 acres, equivalent to 1,050 international FIFA World Cup stadiums. It creates a charming natural landscape around the ranch with the image of "Chilechuan under the Yin Mountains. The sky is like a canopy, covering the four directions." It has become a modern ranch with the world's most advanced technological level, integrating science education, recreational activities, interactive tourism, and study trips.

Here, various intelligent and automated milking robots, automated feeding robots, and feeding-filling robots work together. The ranch operation management system and the Internet of Things technology are combined to monitor all aspects of the ranch in real-time and all-weather. The temperature, humidity, and light in the cowshed are automatically adjusted to make the cows' lives more comfortable. The intelligent ranch system can grasp the milk production, food intake, exercise, and health conditions of cows in real-time and provide meticulous care for the entire life cycle of the cows. The application of a series of world-leading smart and digital devices and technologies for animal husbandry has greatly improved the efficiency of the ranch's operation.

Cows wearing electronic ear tags

In addition, in order to protect the "green mountains and clear waters" of Chilechuan, Chilechuan Ecological Intelligent Pasture uses the world's most advanced fully enclosed intelligent integrated fermentation mode, which achieves full automatic control throughout the process. After the manure is processed, it is made into organic bedding, and the liquid is oxidized and degraded to provide liquid fertilizer for grass planting, fully realizing the ecological cycle development of agriculture and animal husbandry, and promoting a low-carbon lifestyle.

It is reported that these projects have been completed and are about to be put into use, indicating that Yili's modern intelligent health valley has taken another important step in creating a "World Dairy Silicon Valley" with global influence. In the future, with the improvement of industrial support and urban functions, Yili's Modern Intelligent Health Valley can achieve comprehensive improvement in ecological, social and economic benefits by 2035, with an annual GDP contribution of up to 198.2 billion yuan, and directly and indirectly employing more than 350,000 people. The total population of the region will reach one million people, injecting new energy into the high-quality development of China's dairy industry.