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Yili Awarded as Thailand’s “Excellent Practices Establishment on Labour Relations and Welfare” as the 2nd  Year of Achievement.

Time: 2022-11-19 Views: 6018

On November 18, the 29th Informal Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders was held in Bangkok, Thailand. In recent years, China and Thailand have achieved fruitful results in high-quality joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, with mutual cooperation deepening in various fields and major projects being solidly promoted, leading to steady development of Chinese-invested enterprises in Thailand.

Yili was awarded as Thailand’s “Excellent Practices Establishment on Labour Relation sand Welfare” as the 2nd year of achievement

Recently, Chinese companies have once again received exciting news in their overseas development. On November 12, Chomthana, a Thai subsidiary of Yili Group, was awarded the title of "Excellent Practices Establishment on Labour Relations and Welfare" for the year 2022 by the Thai Ministry of Labor. This is the second time that Yili Group has received this honor, following its award in 2021.

The "Excellent Practices Establishment on Labour Relations and Welfare" is awarded by the Thai Ministry of Labor and focuses on recognizing outstanding enterprises that establish labor relations with employees in accordance with the law, continuously improve labor welfare, establish good communication mechanisms with unions or welfare committees, and are committed to building harmonious labor relations and improving welfare. Yili's Chomthana company in Thailand once again winning the title of "Excellent Practices Establishment on Labour Relations and Welfare" reflects the high recognition of the Thai regulatory authorities for Yili's active efforts to build harmonious labor relations and adhere to the "people-oriented" management philosophy.

Responding to the Belt and Road Initiative, Yili Group continues to deepen its business development in Thailand. With the goal of "Comprehensive Value Leadership" and the operation mode of "Global Mindset and Local Operation," Yili relies on its global resources and operation system to continuously expand cooperation and achieve win-win results throughout the entire industry chain, realizing multi-party value sharing with local consumers, partners, and employees in Thailand.

Employees of Yili Chomthana in Thailand

Adhering to the "people-oriented" philosophy, Yili is committed to building harmonious and win-win labor relations. Yili deeply understands the needs of its employees and has built an outdoor rest area, upgraded the cafeteria, provided air-conditioned commuting buses, and created a more comfortable working environment for its employees. Yili also discovers and cultivates local talents, provides diversified job skills training, and employs more than 99% of local staff among its 1,000+ employees. During the pandemic, the company not only did not reduce its workforce, but also hired more than 200 employees, improving employees' salaries and welfare benefits. In order to protect employees' health and safety, Yili has distributed masks, purchased disinfectant alcohol, conducted nucleic acid testing for all employees, provided free vaccines to employees, and invested nearly THB 10 million in epidemic prevention measures. Yili has launched a series of practical measures centered around the needs of its employees, continuously improving their sense of belonging and fulfillment.

Yili Chomthana in Thailand

The Thai company Chomthana, owned by Yili, has been able to leverage the synergies of Yili's global resources, resulting in sustained growth in its business performance. Its core product, Cremo ice cream, has entered the top three in the Thai ice cream market, gaining popularity among Thai consumers and exported to countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, France, and Australia. In addition, the company has successfully obtained the "Green Industry Certification" and has received the "FDA Quality Award" from the Thai Ministry of Public Health for two consecutive years from 2020 to 2021.

Yili, as a Chinese enterprise, is committed to fulfilling its responsibility and social obligations in Thailand. Yili has undertaken four anti-epidemic relief actions in Thailand, donating epidemic prevention materials and dairy products to the Thai Ministry of Public Health, the Thai Red Cross Society, and Pathum Thani Province Hospital, among other units. In addition, Yili has carried out public welfare activities such as the "Mekong-Lancang River Reading"program, "One Village, One Product" community-based industry assistance projects, and agricultural assistance.

Yili launches charity events in local Thai primary schools on International Day of the Girl

As the world's attention shifts towards the Asia-Pacific region with the G20 and APEC summits, Yili, as one of the top five global dairy companies and the number one in Asia, is embarking on a new chapter in its industrial layout in the region. With production bases in Thailand and Indonesia as the main support, Yili has established a "dual-center" operation that radiates throughout Southeast Asia. Its products, such as Cremo ice cream, Joyday ice cream, AMBPOMIAL yogurt, Youngfun milk beverage, and Westgold butter, have been successively launched in Southeast Asia. Yili has also invested in and established the Yili Oceania production base in New Zealand, which is one of the largest integrated dairy bases in the world, acquired the second-largest dairy company in New Zealand, Westland, and established the Yili Innovation Centre Oceania. Yili's Japan Innovation Center, located in Tokyo, is currently under construction.

Yili offers on-site service at G20 Indonesia Summit

At the recently concluded G20 Indonesia summit, Yili Group, as the dairy product cooperation partner, stunned attendees with its Joyday ice cream. During the summit, Yili worked with the G20 in practical cooperation in areas such as biodiversity protection and industrial chain development, and its positive role was praised by the G20 as a force in healthy food industry to drive the development of the world economy. In the face of the global century-old upheaval, global convergence is more important than ever for world development. Looking to the future, Yili will continue to accelerate its international development, actively integrate into the high-quality construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, explore new paths for global cooperation, promote industrial cooperation and win-win outcomes, and achieve shared value and healthy development for the world.