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New Butter Production Line in New Zealand Put into Operation As the Largest Overseas Butter Factory of Chinese Dairy Enterprises

Time: 2022-07-23 Views: 6638

On July 19th, the Hokitika plant of Westland Milk Products, a subsidiary of Yili Group in New Zealand, held a ceremony to mark the upgrade and expansion of the factory, as well as the launch of the new production line for the company's butter brand, Westgold. With the new production line, the annual production capacity of high-quality grass-fed butter has doubled to 42,000 tons, making it the largest butter factory on the west coast of New Zealand and the largest butter factory built overseas by a Chinese dairy enterprise.

The ceremony was attended by Damien O'Connor, Minister of Trade and Agriculture of New Zealand, and congratulations on the new production line were also extended by Pan Gang, Chairman and CEO of Yili Group via video links. Other attendees included Jia Shiqing, Director of Yili Westland Milk Products, Richard Wyeth, CEO of Yili Westland Milk Products, and employees of Westland Milk Products.

Demonstration of the upgraded Hokitita Plant, Westland and the launch of Westgold’s new production lines

The launch of the new production line coincided with the third anniversary of Yili's acquisition of Westland Milk Products, marking a new chapter in the development of Westland Milk Products with the support of Yili Group.

At the launch ceremony, Damien O'Connor stated, "Yili's investment in the new production line will further promote the development of the west coast dairy industry and help New Zealand's high-quality butter reach the global market."

Pan Gang congratulated on the launch of the new production line, saying, "Since it joined Yili, Westland Milk Products has gained increasing recognition from consumers. In the future, Westland Milk Products will create greater value for consumers, society, and employees."

Launch ceremony of the new production lines

To meet the global demand for high-quality butter, on March 24, 2021, Yili launched the Goldrush project to fully upgrade the Hokitika plant on the west coast of New Zealand. With the strong support of Yili's funds, technology, and resources, the project was carried out in an orderly manner and successfully put into operation, achieving the planned production capacity. Westgold butter will no longer be exclusive to baking masters, but will also reach the tables of more ordinary consumers.

New Zealand is one of the world's major butter-producing countries and holds a significant position in the global butter market. The history of Westgold butter can be traced back to 1893, using natural grass-feeding milk from the South Alps pastures on the West Coast of New Zealand and adhering to traditional local processing techniques. The resulting butter is rich in nutrients, with a strong flavor and golden color, becoming a favorite of many consumers.

Richard White, CEO of Westland Milk Products, said, "After the upgrade of the Hokitika plant, world-class production equipment has been adopted while we continue to adhere to traditional production techniques, ensuring that Westgold butter always represents the highest quality of New Zealand butter."

Hokitika plant of Yili Westland Milk Products

Westland’s milk tankers travel through the pastures on West Coast

Three years ago, Yili acquired the second-largest dairy enterprise in New Zealand, Westland Milk Products, building a "dairy bridge" across the Pacific Ocean from the vast grasslands of Inner Mongolia in the northern hemisphere to the west coast of New Zealand in the southern hemisphere. Yili has incorporated Westland Milk Products into its global operating system, providing comprehensive empowerment and achieving dual growth in output and income. In the first half of this year, Westland Milk Products achieved the most remarkable performance growth.

Leveraging Yili's global network, Anchor butter has been listed in more than 20 countries and regions, including China, the United States, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. At the same time, Yili's professional dairy products produced by Westland Milk Products, such as Global Select Butter and Global Select Cream, have also been fully listed in the domestic market. Richard Wyeth is full of expectations for the bright future of Westland Milk Products, stating that "with the support of Yili Group, the development of Westland Milk Products has uplifted every employee and partner, and we are full of confidence in the future development."