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First Overseas Yili Group Award for Innovation in Business Prize Launched and 'Comprehensive Value Leadership' Sparks Widespread Discussions

Time: 2022-04-22 Views: 5759

The "New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement Upgrade Protocol" recently came into effect, marking a new level in the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and New Zealand. At the same time, the biennial "New Zealand-China Trade Association (NZCTA) Business Awards" was successfully held online, and the Yili Group Award for Innovation in Business was officially announced. This is the first time in the history of the NZCTA Business Awards that an award has been named after a Chinese dairy brand.

The Awarding Ceremony of Yili Group Award for Innovation in Business between China and New Zealand

This year, the NZCTA established the Award for Innovation in Business to recognize outstanding companies in the field of bilateral trade between China and New Zealand that are committed to innovation and pursuing excellence. Yili Group has long adhered to the"No innovation, no future" philosophy, implemented an innovation-driven strategy, and built a global intelligent chain, which has been widely recognized by the international community. In 2019, Yili Oceania Dairy participated in the awards and successfully won the "NZCTA China Business Investment Award." This year, the NZCTA invited Yili to serve as a judge and presenter, scoring the innovative achievements of many participating companies.

NZCTA President Martin Thomson, Chinese Ambassador to New Zealand Wang Xiaolong, New Zealand Minister of Trade and Export Growth and Agriculture Damien O'Connor, and other guests attended the online awards ceremony.

The NZCTA was established in 1981 and is committed to promoting and strengthening the trade and investment relationship between China and New Zealand and building a platform for exchange and cooperation. The members of the association come from various fields such as import and export, manufacturing, investment, and institutions that provide related services.

Martin Thomson, the NZCTA President said: "We are very pleased to invite Yili Group to participate in the NZCTA Business Awards selection and presentation activities. Yili is a global leader in the field of innovation, continuously focusing on innovation, and we are honored that Yili plays an important role in the inaugural innovation category award."

Martin Thomson, the NZCTA President speaks highly of Yili Group

He also said: "Through investments in Oceania Dairy and Westland Milk Products, Yili Group has made very positive and important contributions to the economic development and prosperity of China and New Zealand. At the same time, Yili is committed to creating well-being for local communities in New Zealand, which is admirable. I congratulate Yili on its extraordinary achievements in innovation, sustainable development, and social responsibility."

"I have seen Yili recently create China's first certified zero-carbon factory in the food industry, successfully support and participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, and launch new products for the global market through the cooperation of Westland Milk Products and Oceania Dairy. These are just a few examples of Yili's achievements in innovation and responding to major global trade challenges. We look forward to working with Yili to jointly support and promote the development of China-New Zealand trade."

Yili's Oceania production base located in Glenavy, New Zealand.

Yili, as one of the top five dairy companies globally and the number one in Asia, is committed to the "Belt and Road" initiative and accelerating international development. In 2014, Yili invested in and built the world's largest integrated dairy production base, the Oceania production base, in New Zealand, breaking investment records between China and New Zealand. Yili also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Lincoln University in New Zealand, establishing the Oceania Innovation Center. After successfully acquiring the second-largest dairy company in New Zealand, Westland, in 2019, Yili's cooperation has expanded again. Yili's local partners in New Zealand include milk source suppliers, innovative research institutions, third-party service providers, and other upstream and downstream industries in the international industry chain.

Hokitika Subsidiary Plant,Yili Westland Dairy, West Coast, New Zealand

Westgold Butter produced by Yili Westland Dairy

Under the guidance of Yili's chairman and CEO, Pan Gang's "comprehensive value leadership" goal, Yili operates with "global mindsets and local operations," working with New Zealand industry chain partners to build bridges for all-round cooperation between China and New Zealand's dairy industry, and to promote healthy regional economic and trade cooperation. While operating its business, Yili attaches great importance to fulfilling its social responsibilities and integrating into the local community, participating in public welfare activities such as New Zealand's dairy "Backup Talents" training plan, the "Pink Ribbons" global breast cancer prevention and treatment activity, and the "Life Plans" fundraising campaign, among many others. Yili also endorses campus sports activities in New Zealand and conducts environmental protection activities such as protecting wild salmon and planting wetland trees.

Yili Oceania Dairy engaged in the 'Pink Ribbon' Global Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment Campaign

Currently, Yili has established a backbone network that covers the global resource system, global innovation system, and global market system in developed dairy regions in Asia, Europe, America, and Oceania. Yili has 15 innovation centers and 74 source bases globally, and its products are available in over 60 countries and regions. Under the guidance of the "comprehensive value leadership" goal, Yili will work with global partners to develop the health industry, nourish life vitality with nutrition and health, and accelerate the realization of the dream of " sharing healthy food and lifestyle with everyone."

Dairy's milk tanker truck travels through pastures on West Coast