Yili Group Invited to Share Its New Innovation Practices at the 20th Global Water Drinks Congress

Time: 2023-12-11 Views: 286

On November 27, the 20th Global Water Drinks Congress convened at Scotland’s Gleneagles. The three-day annual event, which is regarded as the highest level and most influential forum for the global water drinks industry, gathered world-leading innovators to celebrate the industry’s top achievements and explore the latest trends.

Yili Group was invited to present its insights on the region’s drinking water market as well as Yili’s efforts in the healthy food industry. Dr. Gerrit Smit, Managing Director of the Yili Innovation Center Europe, delivered a keynote speech titled “Meeting the New Demands of Chinese Consumers” and introduced the INIKIN Volcanic Mineral Water Series.

At the ceremony of the Global Water Drinks Awards, an intense contest attracting 155 entries worldwide, Yili’s INIKIN was a finalist in three categories, including its Brewed Tea for “Best Technology Innovation” and “Best Brand Extension” as well as its ink-free bottle for “Best Packaging/Label Design.”

Find the best water sources

As consumers have become more aware of the importance of healthy drinking water, Yili launched China’s first bottled volcanic mineral water brand, INIKIN, in 2019.

Chosen carefully via site investigation of hundreds of water sources around the world, the INIKIN products are sourced from Arxan, a mountain region known as “ Natural Oxygen Bar” which has a forest coverage rate of 95%, and the Changbai Mountains, one of the world’s top three natural mineral water sources.

After being filtered through layers of volcanic rocks, the water is rich in volcanic mineral elements. The unique geology also enables the water to have a natural, slight alkaline feature, a smooth mouthfeel and a hint of sweet taste.

Innovation of product portfolio

During his speech, Dr. Smit demonstrated to the audience how a bottle of natural mineral water was turned into a bottle of freshly made tea in three seconds.

The INIKIN Brewed Tea features a patented technique where the bottle cap separates freeze-dried tea powder from water, which is the first-of-its-kind in China. When unscrewing the cap, the tea powder housed in the cap will fall off and dissolve in water in just three seconds, making a fresh sugar-free tea drink. “As the product name indicates, the water tastes as fresh and delicious as if it has just been brewed by hand,” Dr. Smit said.

After tasting Brewed Tea, Richard Hall, Chairman of Zenith Global and organizer of the Congress, said, “I’ve never tried this. It’s really a lovely idea. Congratulations on becoming a finalist in both Best Technology Innovation and Best Brand Extension.”

Pursuit of sustainable development

The design of the INIKIN ink-free bottle aligns with Yili’s commitment to supporting the UN SDGs by protecting water sources and biodiversity.

The natural ecology of the local water source is home to more than 3,000 rare animals and plants, which have inspired the bottle design. Laser technology is used for engraving the labels on the bottle to reduce the use of ink and fossil fuels and facilitate the recycling of packages.

Clovis Thaumoux, Packaging Market Manager of Carbios, commended Yili’s sustainable development solution, saying, “The laser printing allows the product to avoid using labels and using less energy. Yili acts for the planet in reducing your carbon footprint. This is a technology that is transportable for all the market. The future is ahead.”