Yili Group Celebrates Dynamic Global Relationships at the Top Partners Conference 2024

Time: 2024-01-12 Views: 210

Between December 6 and 20, Yili Group and its Thai and Indonesian subsidiaries, respectively, brought together global partners for their Top Partners Conference 2024, themed “Grow with Innovation, Forward in Unity.”

Fueled by record-breaking sales, Yili Group has cemented its all-around leadership in the industry

Supported by global partnerships, Yili’s performance in the first three quarters of 2023 was a resounding success. Revenue soared to a record 97.404 billion yuan (approx. US$13.32 billion), accompanied by a notable 16.36% increase in net profit.

Yili’s international business has experienced sustained and rapid growth, driven by the expansion of its strategic global network. The company has now put into place a network comprising a global resource system, a global innovation system and a global market system, owning a total of 15 R&D and innovation centers and 81 production bases worldwide.

This year, Yili’s operation in New Zealand was recognized as the fastest growing in the region, with its products now gracing shelves in over 40 countries and revenue hitting an all-time high.

Brands like Thailand’s Cremo and Indonesia’s Joyday posted some of the industry’s most explosive sales growth. In the face of fierce market competition, Yili’s Thai subsidiary rolled out rich product portfolios like Atom, Pilot, and Choco-Crush to better meet the needs of local consumers. At the conference, Yili’s Indonesian subsidiary shared its 2024 market expansion plan, which will focus on product innovation, channel expansion, brand promotion, and efforts to continue to improve consumer satisfaction. It also released five major initiatives focused on empowering partners with value-sharing.

Over 100 new products launched at this year’s conference

Upholding the belief of “no innovation, no future,” Yili always actively creates products in response to the full life-cycle, all-scenario needs among all types of consumers. It launched over 100 new products at this year’s Top Partners Conference.

At the conference, Yili’s Liquid Milk Business Unit showcased impactful product innovations across various segments, with its flagship brands like AMBOPMIAL, SATINE and PLANT SELECTED launching new flavors to enrich the portfolio.

Owning 10 innovative formula patents developed for more than two decades, Yili’s Jinlingguan launched a new immunity-enhancing formula. Made from organic A2 raw milk, the new Zhenhu series features a remarkable 20-fold increase in active probiotics, alongside organic breast milk oligosaccharides (HMO) and lactoferrin.

The Adult Nutrition Business Unit Business also showcased its breakthrough in functional innovation, unveiling a new type of formula milk powder designed to enhance sleep quality.

Yili’s fast-growing Cheese Business Unit pays equal attention to nutrition, and deliciousness. Its new products include Yijiahao Rock Grilled Cheese Sauce, which is double-loaded with cheesy richness, and Cheese Torch, a crispy delight bursting with cheesy goodness.

Yili’s International Business Unit is accelerating the pace of innovation. Fueled by a robust collaborative innovation network and deep insights into the needs of overseas consumers, the Unit creates innovative products of exceptional quality, tied with a dynamic brand image that resonates with local consumers.

Forward in Unity: Yili and its partners celebrated a journey of shared development

At the Top Partners Conference, Yili showered global partners with accolades, unveiling over a thousand awards across diverse categories, including team management, channel development, and outlet retailing. From Thailand, Pracha Kittrongsiri, the recipient of the Outstanding Partner Award, expressed his readiness to continue to work with Yili to deliver better products and services.

Recognizing the technological and financing challenges within the supply chain, Yili has built a mechanism to align interests with its partners. As of October 2023, Yili had helped over 12,000 partners secure over 140 billion yuan (approx. US$19.18 billion) in financing. This commitment to shared success has resulted in a robust global network of over 2,000 partners.