Brand introduction

Changqing, a well-known yogurt brand under the Yili Group, established in 2009, has been leading the development of this category for 15 years, maintaining its position as the top brand in the segment for eight consecutive years. It offers delicious yogurt with less burden and more health.

Product Advantages
Changqing Premium Protein Artisan Yoghurt Simple ingredients which only milk and lactobacillus, and sucrose is not added.
Natural protein nutrition with concentrated milk instead of protein powder, the protein reaches 4.2g/100ml.
The texture is very smooth.
Changqing 0 Saccharose Selectively picked Dandong strawberries and Shiqiao yellow peaches (agricultural products with geographical indication)
Full-bodied naked oats grown near latitude 41°N
100% fermented raw cow milk
Premium healthy sugar substitute (stevioside, maltitol)
And 7 kinds of active lactic acid bacteria ≥ 19 billion CFU/bottle
Changqing 0 Additives Tetra Pak No additives (no gelatin, synthetics or sweeteners)
7 strains of active probiotics with more than 25 billion CFU per bottle
100% fresh raw milk
41°N naked oats and sweet fruit
Yili Changqing A cup of yogurt Double protein, double nutrients
Quality milk protein+plant-based protein
Fermented raw cow milk
Changqing probiotic yoghurt with cereal popping Beads New and innovative chewy cereal popping Beads, paired with juicy fruit and smooth yogurt
Locally premium ingredients: Changbai Mountain blueberries,Xishuangbanna purple rice, naked oats grow near north latitude 41°.
100% raw milk source fermented.
A+BB compound probiotics, exclusively proportioning by Changqing.
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