Brand Introduction

Launched in 2013, Ambpomial (originated from “ambrosial”, which means ambrosial yogurt) has become the leading yogurt brand in China.By continuously innovating its products and marketing toward young consumers, Ambpomial is helping to set new industry trends. With its rich flavor and high protein content, Ambpomial has defined high-quality, nutrition-focused yogurt.

Product Advantages
Ambpomial AMX Dandong Strawberry Yogurt Dandong strawberries freshly harvested from the place of origin
50% less sucrose without reducing flavor
12-process puree creates high-quality fruity sauce
Ambpomial AMX Xinjiang Cantaloupe Yogurt Freshly harvested cantaloupe from the place of origin where is nationally protected and irrigated with snowmelt from Tianshan Mountains
50% less sucrose without reducing flavor
Ambpomial Sweet Mango Yogurt 20g mango jam per package
6g protein per bottle
Contain chewy oat granola
Mangoes directly harvested from the place of origin (Panzhihua, Sichuan)
Ambpomial Sweet Pineapple Yogurt 4.1g pineapple jam per package
Pineapples directly harvested from the place of origin (Xuwen, Guangdong)
High-quality milk with 35% more protein per bottle
Ambpomial Bubble Yogurt 1.5GV CO2, combining yogurt and bubbles
4.9g protein and 172mg calcium per bottle
Made with 9 yogurt strains for rich milk aroma and tasting experience
After 31 processes and fermentation of over 9 hours, the taste is refreshing and delicious.
Ambpomial 5G Protein Yogurt 5g protein per cup (1.7x national standard for flavored yogurt)
100kcal per 100g and low sugar
World's first assembled patented cup for ultimate experience
Ambpomial Cheese Burst Ball Yogurt Base contains 15% cheese burst ball fruity sauce with intense flavor
Use imported fine cheese from New Zealand
Ambrosial normal temperature active probiotic yogurt Added with 1 billion CFU, LGG active probiotics is mild and delicious, more suitable for Chinese people's constitution
Ambrosial flavored yogurt original flavor Smoother taste, 35% more protein, good nutrition and flavor
Ambrosial Yellow Peach Oatmeal Yogurt Selects high-quality yellow peaches, real yellow peach Q-shaped fruit pieces, plus a sufficient amount of carefully selected sunshine oatmeal, full and chewy grains
Ambushi avocado and oatmeal yogurt Ambrosial Avocado Oatmeal Yogurt is made from fresh avocados directly picked from Menglian, Yunnan Province. Add 20g of avocado oatmeal jam to each pack to enjoy the multiple flavors of avocado oatmeal yogurt.
Ambrosial zero sucrose yogurt A new choice of healthy yogurt!
Anmuxi high-end free drink series plain yogurt Ambrosial high-end all-you-can-drink series original yogurt has a silky and refreshing taste, you can drink it anytime; pure raw milk fermentation, 7g protein per bottle, delicious and more nutritious
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