Brand Introduction

Qixuan is a premium chocolate ice cream brand created by Yili's Ice Cream, Division. Redefining the concept of high-end chocolate ice cream, it is based on "100% selected imported Belgian chocolate + pure raw milk + no added water," using high-quality ingredients to create a core difference in industry quality, with a full-bodied, rich, and exquisite taste.

Product Advantages
Velvet Coffee Chocolate ice cream Enjoy the rich blend of coffee and Belgian dark chocolate, mixed with almond granules and sweet and sour red pomegranate jam. Indulge in the passionate aroma of fruits and cocoa.
Black Chocolate ice cream Satisfy your cravings with the rich, imported Belgian chocolate crispy layer of this ice cream, paired with 100% pure raw milk for a delightful treat. This unique treat is available in "heart + round" shapes, providing a new surprise on the market!
Vanilla ice cream Experience the ultimate quality enjoyment with the smooth and rich Belgian chocolate crisp wrapped around the silky classic vanilla-flavored raw milk ice cream.