Brand Introduction

Yili Yijiahao Culinary Solution, with the high quality milk from both New Zealand and China, to provide you with premium culinary dairy ingredients and solution . Start this fantastic culinary journey with us!

Product Advantages
Cheese Slices 10 times of Milk’s calcium
Add one piece to your breakfast, nutritious and yummy
Butter Rich Milky flavor,, all dairy goodness
Smear, grill, bake
Lava cheese sauce Enjoy Fast breakfast with one smear
Double cheese added
0 added vegetable oil
Whipping Cream High yield
High Stability
High quality
Processed Mozzarella Cheese Good cheese flavor with long stretch
Natural Mozzarella Cheese High Calcium, High protein
Long stretch, good flavor
Westgold Butter Imported from New Zealand
Premium grass feed butter
Imported Whipping Cream Imported from New Zealand
Good flavor, easy to whipping
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