Product Advantages
Yili Brown Yogurt Launched in 2017, this yogurt recreates the classical European burnt yogurt from the 16th century that delivers a rich burnt aroma.
With silky taste, it is made from high-quality pasture-fed cow's milk.
Use a slow 5-hour fermentation process and strains imported from Europe
Yili Jujube Yogurt A longstanding favorite on the market with the largest production scale and rich jujube flavor
Contain three active probiotic strains with nutrition and digestive benefits
Locally sourced jujubes and the jujube juice ≥ 5%
Made from fermented raw milk of high quality
Yili Pinmu Yogurt Drink Sweet and sour flavor to open your stomach with three probiotic strains
Drink before and after meals to help digest
0 Sucrose 100% raw milk source with 97% raw milk
Contains 100mg of calcium per 100g
Use xylitol to replace sugar to deliver a fresh taste
Single Fruit Pulp Quality milk source of rich nutrition with chewable fruit pulp
Three active probiotic strains ≥ 100 million CFU per 100g
Contain ≥ 5% fruit jam, it delivers delicious nutrition in every bite.
Classic Yogurt Classic yogurt of high quality to deliver nutrition and health to family members
100% raw milk source
Three active probiotic strains ≥ 100 million CFU per 100g
Palace Cheese Yogurt This heritage-inspired Chinese yogurt uses a traditional 21-step, 4-hour process to recreate the original flavor and texture of Chinese yogurt. Every cup of the yogurt is fermented respectively.
Yiexiao This probiotic yogurt focuses on Chinese digestive health.
Made from raw milk and contains 100 million CFU/100g of BL-99
Cute Star Made for children's growth and development with a simple, nutritious formula.
Only four ingredients
High in calcium, protein and probiotics
Sucrose content ≤ 6%
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