Brand Introduction

Customized nutritional support for the whole family.

Product Advantages
I-Comfortable Goat Milk Powder 100% pure goat milk (referring to whole goat milk powder and desalted whey powder in the formula are all from goat milk)
400 million imported active probiotics (quoted from the product label)
6.7g dietary fiber (refers to 6.7g dietary fiber per 100g product, quoted from the product label)
0 sucrose (tested according to national GB 5009.8, sucrose content was not detected)
Full Fat Camel Milk Powder 1/10000 rare desert organic (referring to the proportion of camels used in Yili to the total camels according to the statistics of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)
100% pure camel milk
More than 20 kinds of original nutrition
2 ways to retrace
New Zealand Imported Whole Milk Powder 0.5% limited grass-fed pastures (0.5%: refers to the proportion of Yili’s milk grass-fed pastures in the entire New Zealand pastures)
100% grass-fed fresh milk
8 times of milk calcium (8 times: the calcium content of fresh milk in Chinese Residents' Dietary Nutrient Reference Intake is 104mg/100g, according to the product label and every 100g of milk powder contains 900mg of calcium, which is about 8.65 times that of fresh milk)
1 bag can brew 40 cups (25g is expected to brew one cup, about 180ml and one bag is 1kg, which is expected to brew 40 cups)
New Zealand Imported Skimmed Milk Powder Fat content reduced by 95% (95%: compared with Yili whole milk powder)
100% grass-fed fresh milk
5 times high calcium (5 times: compared with the minimum value of high-calcium claimed by the national standard)
1 bag can brew 40 cups (25g is expected to brew one cup, about 180ml and one bag is 1kg, which is expected to brew 40 cups)
High Calcium Nutritional Milk Powder for Family High calcium: 71% more calcium (71% more calcium content than Yili whole sweet milk powder of equal weight, calculated based on the label value of "per 100g" of the respective products.)
High protein 18.5g/100g
Contains multivitamins
High Calcium Multi-Dimensional Nutritional Milk Powder High calcium (1120mg/100g)
Contains multivitamins
Classic taste
High Protein High Calcium Skimmed Milk Powder High protein (32.5g/100g)
Reduce fat by 95% (the fat content of whole milk powder is calculated according to the minimum value of 26g/100g in the national standard, and the fat content of Yili high-protein high-calcium skimmed milk powder is about 1.2g/100g, which is about 95% lower than the fat content of whole milk powder.)
High calcium (1100mg/100g)
Whole Sweet Milk Powder Rich in calcium (700mg/100g)
High protein
Rich milk flavor