Brand introduction

Yili Professional was launched in 2019. There are 2 product lines called “Oriental Inspiration” and “Global Selection” according to different milk source. We provide high-quality cream, cheese and butter to professional customers, aiming to be the most trusted dairy solution provider in China.

Product Advantages
Oriental Inspiration Whipping Cream High-quality milk fat essence extracted from fresh milk, combined with 100% animal cream, creates a natural milky fragrance and ensures stable baking process.
Global Selection Light Cream This cream originates from the core ranch in the South Island of New Zealand, where grass-fed cows produce rare and exceptional quality. The cream has a rich milk aroma with pure flavor.
Global Selection Butter The traditional craftsmanship used to make this butter, along with its rare grass-fed quality from New Zealand, ensures good ductility and ease of operation.
Oriental Inspiration Lava Cheese Sauce This sauce is the result of a master's dedication. Imported cheese is added in a classic pre-mixed product that doesn't require any additional combination, ensuring easy operation.
Oriental Inspiration Probiotics Yili's self-developed patented strains are combined with at least 40% prebiotic fructo-oligosaccharides and 10 billion CFU active probiotic BL-99 per 2g, resulting in a healthy, high-quality product that can be widely used.
Oriental Inspiration Mozzarella Cheese Shreds This cheese is made from carefully selected imported cheese with 1.3 times the amount of cheese added compared to the national minimum standard. The result is abundant cheese pull with soft texture that's perfect for any dish.
Oriental Inspiration Thick Milk Premix Our premix is made from 100% pure fat and has a natural and mellow flavor. Using our patented enzymatic aroma enhancement technology, there's no added fragrance. Plus, it's more stable at room temperature and in dual temperature zones.