Brand Introduction

Through continuous innovation, the Iceology Family always fulfills the diversified needs of consumers. The brand is committed to delivering a refreshing and energetic feeling to Yili’s customers, and has been widely embraced by domestic consumers. Well-known products under the brand, including Dazzling Pineapple, Dazzling Peach, Brilliant Fruits, Dazzling Hawthorn, and Peach & Ice Chips , allow consumers to enjoy a refreshing sensation as well as a pure and dense fruity taste in just one bite during the summer. In addition, guided by the slogan of “choose the Iceology Family if you wish to refresh yourself,” the brand has cooperated with sport activities, games, movies, and other marketing resources, with the aim of continuously providing consumers with the most dynamic, energetic, and refreshing experiences possible.

Product Advantages
Cool Striker Pops No. 7 Forward: featuring Xinjiang cantaloupe, this popsicle is sweet, refreshing that brings you ultimate coolness.
Mango Flavor Pops. Glowing Popsicle: with a 2.5D mango shape and Alphonso mango pulp, this popsicle is fruity, mellow, and full of coolness.
Grape Flavor pops Full of Grapes: a jasmine tea grape-flavored ice crust with selected Xinjiang raisins that are meaty and sweet, and cheese-flavored milk that is smooth and refreshing. This popsicle is truly refreshing and pleasant.
Cool Pineapple Flavor pops Dazzling Pineapple: with a vivid fruity taste and an ice milk combination, this pineapple-shaped popsicle is doubling the refreshing power.
White Peach Flavor Pops Dazzling White Peach: with a white peach taste and the milk flavor, this white peach-shaped popsicle is refreshing to the heart.
Fruitful Flavor pops Fruit Feast: featuring four flavors, this popsicle is super icy, and allows you to enjoy the coolness and happiness all at once.
Cool Hawthorn Flavor pops Refreshing Hawthorn: a classic taste with a delicate smoothie and rich pulp, this popsicle is sweet and sour in just the right amount.
Icy Peach Flavor pops Icy Peach: a yellow peach-flavored ice crust with crushed ice that is chewy and tasty, this popsicle is the perfect treat for a hot day.
Cool Blueberry Flavor pops Refreshing Blueberry: with a ice crust and fragrant blueberry jam, this popsicle is truly refreshing.