Product Advantages
Green Grape&Sweet Apricot Popsicle NEW Indulge in the delightful combination of Green Grape and Sweet Apricot Ice Cream. Enjoy the rich milk infused with green grape jam and sweet apricot jam that delivers a soft and smooth taste. Encased in a crispy chocolate crust, this trendy treat will surprise your taste buds!
Low Sugar Thick Milk Popsicle NEW Enjoy guilt-free indulgence with Yili Ranch Low Sugar Milk Popsicle. Our high-quality, low-sugar formula, enriched with xylitol and 3.8 times protein concentrated milk, delivers a rich and pure milk taste that is low-burden yet satisfying.
Taro Bubble Popsicle Experience the perfect blend of health and trend with Yili Ranch Taro Bubble Popsicle. Savor the fragrant soft taro puree that is paired with chewy brown sugar bubbles and high-quality protein chickpeas. The double-layer of nutrition and deliciousness is a blessing that will make you don't want to stop.
Red Jujube Milk Popsicle Satisfy your cravings with the luscious Yili Ranch Red Jujube Milk Popsicle. Enjoy the fragrant and smooth milk combined with more red jujube jam that delivers a softer, richer, and more delicious taste. The pure white chocolate crispy crust wrapped around it enhances the milk aroma, making it doubly fragrant.
Pudding Popsicle Experience the natural delicacy derived from high-quality milk sources with Yili Ranch Pudding Popsicle. The thick and milky aroma will transport you back to the vast grasslands, and the silky taste will make you feel the breeze of the grassland. Enjoy the aroma and taste of this delicious treat!
Yili Branch Milk Brick Ice Cream Made with milk from green ecological pastures under blue sky, it is a good choice for dessert with silky and smooth milk flavor. One bite and it lingers forever.
Yili Branch Vanilla Milk Shake Ice Cream A milk flavor reminiscent of clouds is accompanied by the dense vanilla flavor like the blue sky, allowing both the mood and taste-buds to enjoy the “vanilla sky”.
Yili Branch Milk Flavor Milk Bar Popsicle Double milk, double fragrance. Thick and creamy, Yili’s milk bar can completely captivate your taste buds, allowing you to enjoy its pure milky aroma like drinking a cup of thick and mellow milk.
Yili Branch Big Pudding Popsicle Rich milk, smooth taste, no other ingredients, pure delight!
Mini Pudding Popsicle Yili Ranch Mini Pudding Popsicle is a classic product that carries the childhood memories and innocence of many people. Its pure cream taste will make it unforgettable, and bring back memories of the good old days.
Milk Raisin Popsicle Indulge in the sweetness and sourness of plump grapes with Yili Ranch Milk Raisin Popsicle. These grapes are inlaid in thick milk, allowing you to enjoy the enthusiasm and sweetness of Turpan in every bite.
Mongolian Yogurt Popsicle Enjoy the refreshing, sweet and sour flavors of natural yogurt from the Mongolian prairie with Yili Ranch Mongolian Yogurt Popsicle. The sour milk fragrance melts between your lips and teeth, making it feel like you are eating the whole summer in one bite.
Little Snowman Popsicle Take a trip down memory lane with Yili Ranch Snow Children Popsicle. Relish the familiar taste of your childhood that will bring back happy memories. Its classic milk chocolate taste will make you feel like you are reliving your youth!
Yili Torch Ice Cream in Vannila flavor Selecting imported milk sources, the rich and fragrant smooth milk perfectly combines with rich vanilla, giving you multiple fragrant and delicious experiences. The torch is wrapped in a thin layer of rich chocolate crispy skin, with a rich and fragrant taste and infinite delicacy.
Yili Torch Ice Cream in coffee flavor
Selecting imported milk sources, the pure chocolate crispy skin is wrapped in silky coffee milk, and the familiar taste is leisurely in the heart.
Yili Torch Ice Cream in Milk flavor Selecting imported milk sources, the smooth chocolate crispy crust is wrapped in a rich milk flavored ice cream, which is not satisfying at a bite and is quite bulky.
Yili Good Mood Popsicle(Low Sugar) Upgraded with xylitol, being the preferred choice for lower sugar and healthier healt, the sweet mung bean popsicle is the best choice for a better summer experience.
"Don't feed the cat" Ice Cream The design inspiration comes from trendy cross border desserts. The crispy fish tail shaped cone is wrapped in delicate vanilla ice cream, mixed with layers of chocolate flakes, with a unique design and rich taste, bringing a double surprise experience of visual and taste.
Sweet Ice Cream The outer layer is a fresh and refreshing sweet orange flavored chocolate crispy crust, while the inner layer is filled with sweet red beans and smooth milk, combined with a mellow chocolate heart, giving you layers of surprises and multiple deliciousness!
Yili Bitter Coffee very classic product.The coffee milk is wrapped in chocolate crispy skin, pursuing it with bitterness and enjoying sweetness.
Preference for Red Bean Ice Cream Young smooth milk wrapped in sweet red beans has a rich taste, and a sweet taste permeates the mouth.
Preference for Mung Bean Ice Cream Thick and mellow milk wraps around real mung beans, with a rich taste and a refreshing summer!
Corn Ice Cream The fragrant corn flavored ice cream is infused into a mellow soft cone, a classic product that savors authentic flavors.
Old Ice Lolly A nostalgic name, a nostalgic packaging, refreshing and sweet. It has an unforgettable, sweet, and refreshing taste!
Three flavors Ice Cream Unique cupped ice cream, integrating three flavors into one, providing more flavors to enjoy.
Sweet Snow Ice Cream The perfect combination of cream ice cream and chocolate, adorned with chocolate sauce on a beautiful flower.
Six Circles Ice Cream A smooth ice cream that blends three classic flavors of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate, making it even more satisfying in a large glass.