Brand Introduction

Joyday was first introduced in the Indonesian market in 2018, making it the first Yili ice cream brand to be launched in international market. Joyday represents highest quality that is as precious as life itself, with 100% devotion, 100% attention to safety, and 100% of health-enhancing dedication to reflect the most stringent standards. Joyday’s rich varieties of ice cream offers unique indulging experiences through the carefully selected and expertly crafted ingredients. From the classic chocolate flavour to the refreshing tropical fruits, Joyday has many ways to bring joy to your day.

Product Advantages
Crunchy Chocolate Malt Vanilla flavored milk ice with a layer of crunchy chocolate malt and premium chocolate bar in it
Crunchy Chocolate Blueberry Vanilla flavored milk ice with a layer of crunchy chocolate malt, blueberry jam and chocolate cookies in it
Crunchy Cookies Cream Chocolate ice cream with a surprise cookies and white chocolate in the middle and covered in white chocolate and delicious cookies
Crunchy Chocolate Vanilla Vanilla chocolate ice cream cone with chocolate sauce
and peanuts
Mochi Chocolate Soft chocolate ice cream with a layer of chewy mochi skin and a surprise juicy sauce inside.
Sweet Corn Sweet corn flavor ice milk with corn soft cone layer
Cool Watermelon Apple Refreshing popsicle sticks with the taste of watermelon and apples
Choco Berry Strawberry and chocolate flavored iced milk
Brand Cooperation