Yili Quality

Yili means the best quality.
Yili sticks to the highest principle that quality is as precious as life itself and endeavors to deliver the world's best-quality The most stringent standard is aplied to devoting 100% of its efforts to safety and health.

Leading Quality 3310 Strategy
3 "first-class" goals

First-class teams; First-class standards; First-class products

3 fundamentals

Consolidate the quality-leading management system, strengthen the independent quality management mode, and construct a quality evaluation system based on consumer needs."

1-vote Veto

If the entire supply chain fails to meet food safety and product quality requirements either in the process or the outcomes, a single sweeping dissent is given. To enhance the mechanism for halting and exiting non-compliant processes."

0 Food Safety Incident

Comprehensively control risks, build a global food safety risk analysis platform, and ensure zero occurrence of food safety incidents.

Quality Mangement

Technology innovation

"Yili has always adhered to and promoted an innovation strategy, and has currently established 15 innovation centers worldwide. Integrating domestic and foreign R&D resources, Yili's global R&D institutions cover Asia, Europe, Oceania, and the Americas. Currently, Yili ranks second among the top ten global dairy companies in terms of total patent applications and invention applications, becoming a leading innovation hub driving the revitalization of the dairy industry."

Digital transformation

Yili continues to build advanced digital technology systems, high-quality digital resource systems, and a professional team of digital talents, further improving the "Four Full Operation System" that covers the entire supply chain, penetrates all scenarios, interacts in all directions, and shares all categories, thereby continuously leading and enhancing the digitalization level of China's dairy industry.
Yili has developed the Yili Smart Ranch Big Data Analysis Application Platform System, which uses ear tags to identify cows, reads cow profiles, and conducts personalized and precise feeding through real-time monitoring. Yili has created a modern intelligent technology benchmark ranch, the Hengyuanlin Ranch, using the system developed by Yili, which allows for real-time monitoring of dynamic information for each cow, enabling precise feed feeding to ensure the scientific diet and health care of the cows, and produce high-quality milk.
Yili, through industry-driven full-chain development, digital empowerment of smart cities, and green-led integration of industry and cities, has created a pioneering representative of smart factories and a world-renowned "Dairy Silicon Valley" - Yili Modern Intelligent Health Valley. It has achieved numerous global milestones in the dairy industry and has the only innovative research and development platform in China that integrates grass planting, cow breeding, cow farming, ranch management, dairy processing, human nutrition, and entire industry chain risk control, as well as the only national dairy product industry measurement and testing center in China, comprehensively leading the high-quality development of the industry.
Yili has built a consumer experience platform and established a complete system of digital products, systems, and tools, enabling more efficient, direct, and accurate real-time insight into consumer needs, listening to consumer voices, continuously optimizing products, and making the connection between products and consumers closer and more direct.

Major Events in Quality Management

Yili has established a quality management system and a three-level food safety risk monitoring and control system, covering over 80 inspection units with a total of over 1,000 inspection items. Yili has taken the lead in realizing the monitoring, analysis, control, and prevention of every key point of food safety and quality control from the source to the end.
In August 2023, the headquarters of the National Center of Technology Innovation for Dairy (NCTID) located in Yili Modern Intelligent Health Valley was completed and put into use, and in December of the same year, it was officially put into operation. As the only national technology innovation center in China‘s food industry, the NCTID creates an open network, so far already having more than 100 member units、10 China Academy of Science Fellows 、over 100 senior experts and more than 5000 research staff, who are connected by various projects. Among these people, a number of international researchers contributed significantly. The NCTID is striving to become a technological hub for high-quality development of the entire dairy industry chain.
In 2023, on the first day of the implementation of the 9th edition of BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard, Yili Group became the first food company to undergo certification audit based on the new edition of BRCGS standard. Yili obtained unanimous recognition from the reviewing experts and achieved excellent results.
In 2022, Yili Group won the ANQ Recognition for Excellence in Quality Promotion (ARE-QP) Award, the highest honor in Asia for quality, at the 20th Asian Network for Quality Congress. It is the first dairy enterprise to win the ARE-QP Award in the industry.
In 2022, at the 6th China Animal Health and Food Safety Conference, Yili obtained the Global Dairy Industry Gold Standard Certification, which is equivalent to achieving the "highest degree" in the dairy industry certification standards. Yili also became the first and only food company in the world to pass the Gold Standard Certification.
In 2021, the China Association for Quality announced the winners of the 19th China Quality Award, among whom the Yili Group was the only dairy enterprise to win this honor.
In 2021, Yili Group won the Second Prize of the State Science and Technology Progress Award at the National Science and Technology Awards Conference.
In 2021, on the Fourth China Quality Conference, Yili Group was the sole dairy enterprise to be nominated for the China Quality Award, the highest quality award nationwide approved by China’s State Administration for Market Regulation. This is the second consecutive year that Yili was nominated for the award.
In 2020, Yili milk powder division obtained the Quality by Design (QbD) certification issued by LRQA, the internationally-renowned independent third-party inspection and certification agency.This is the first QbD (Quality by Design) certification in the food industry, which means that the renowned concept of "quality by design" from the pharmaceutical industry is now officially empowering the food sector. It marks the beginning of a new journey for Yili in promoting high-quality development in the food industry.
In 2018, Yili Group accelerated its efforts to accomplish its strategic goals, including to establish a clear road map to grow into the world’s No.1 dairy enterprise, a world Top 5 provider of healthy food by 2030, and transitioning from its current quality strategy to the Leading Quality 3310 Strategy, elelvating management to a new level.
In 2017, Yili put forward its strategic vision of building a “quality management ecosystem across the entire industrial chain”. Through the mechanism of benefit sharing, Yili will mobilize the entire industry to ensure food safety for consumers.
In 2015, efforts have been concentrated on "delivering the world's best quality" and global quality management system has been upgraded with consistent efforts.
In November 2014, Yili Liquid Milk, Milk Powder, Yogurt and Ice Cream Business Units all passed the certification of FSSC22000, making Yili the first dairy company in China to obtain certification for its entire product line in a global food safety management system, allowing its products to enter the European and global markets with a passport of compliance to international food safety standards.
On August 11, 2014, Yili announced a strategic partnership with Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A. (SGS), Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) and Intertek UK, to further upgrade its global quality and safety management system. This system meets the requirements of ISO9001, HACCP, ISO14001 and OHSAS18000.
In 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Yili and expressed high hopes for the company's development and food safety. Subsequently, Yili officially launched the "Quality Leadership Strategy", extending its food safety work to all partners in the global industrial chain, and systematically constructing a global quality management system.
Journey to Quality

On World Milk Day, which falls on June 1st every year, Yili's benchmark factories across the country will open their doors for an immersive experience, inviting consumers to explore the origin of quality. Through professional guided tours and interactive activities, we aim to provide a comprehensive and immersive exploration experience. So far, over 100 million consumers have visited Yili through online and offline channels. In 2022, "Grassland Prince" Ayunga, "Quality Fun-maker" Hulan, and travel and culture experts "Baozou Brothers" led the audience on an extraordinary journey of quality, presenting a feast of quality. In the future, Yili will continue to open its doors and invite everyone to witness the birth of Yili's quality!