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Yili's international layout

Yili staged a remarkable rise up the ranks of the world’s largest dairy companies last year and made it into the top 8 in the newly released Rabobank’sGlobal Dairy Top 20 2016 on July 25. Yili’s high ranking is the best-ever for domestic dairy producers, and a record high in Asia. This represents that China has become a dairy power and made significant change and contribution to the world’s dairy sector.


During Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to the U.S. in September 2015, the Sino-US Food Wisdom Valley was established thanks to the support from the top leaders of the two governments and favorable agricultural cooperation. The Valley was one of important agricultural cooperation achievements made during President Xi Jinping’s visit. Yili is playing a leading role in the construction of the Sino-US Food Wisdom Valley. Yili gathered some of the world's top universities and the universities and research institutes ranking first place for their study in agriculture, management and life science, such as the University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, Cornell University, University of Toronto, UC Davis, Wharton School and University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, to carry out comprehensive and three-dimensional cooperation in nutrition and health, R&D of product, food safety, agricultural science, animal husbandry, ecological and environment protection, enterprise management and talent cultivation. The project aims to create a high-end and forward-thinking wisdom cluster featuring the most powerful universities and research institutes, covering most extensive and cutting-edge disciplines, embracing most unique mechanisms, bringing forth most profound influence and benefiting the most people in China, the U.S. and even the whole world, so as to build a new engine, inject new momentum and set new example for the innovative cooperation between China and the U.S., and promote the mutual development of enterprises and serve for the well-being of the people in the two countries.


On November 21, 2014, Chinese President Xi Jinping and John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, inaugurated Yili Oceania Production Base. With a combined investment of 3 billion yuan, Yili intended to build the world’s largest integrated dairy base that covered a whole array of links including scientific research, production, deep processing and packaging.


In August 2014, Yili entered into strategic partnership with SGS, LRQA and Intertekto upgrade its global quality and safety management systems and enhance its capability in food quality and safety risk control.


In February 2014, Yili established its Europe R&D Center, a cooperation fruit with Wageningen University that is considered as a leader in life science research in Europe and more than 15,000 R&D scientists and technicians from the Food Valley. The R&D center is the first overseas R&Dcenter of Chinese dairy sector, and one of the most important strategic cooperations made between a Chinese dairy company and an overseas R&D institute.


In November 2013, Yili entered into strategic partnership with SterilgardaAlimentiS.p.A, the biggest dairy product company in Italy