Corporate Citizen CSR Environ. Protection Corporate Report

Yili contributes to your healthy growth

2017, Yili upgraded its corporate social responsibility management system and turned its “Healthy China Social Responsibility (CSR) System” into a future-oriented “World Integrally Sharing Health Corporate Sustainable Development (CSD) System”, referred to as the World Integrally Sharing Health in English, or the “WISH” system, reflecting our wishes for a wonderful life for all of our consumers. 

Yili Ark

“Yili Ark” is a program for the protection of children that Yili and the the Western China Human Resources Development Foundation. This project promotes the idea that the best protection is to teach children to protect themselves, which is based on the philosophy that “safety is of paramount importance to achieving dreams” More than 500 Yili Ark Safety Ecological Schools have been established since 2012, and more than 70 specialized trainings on child safety have been conducted. Yili Ark has established a presence in 25 provinces and cities around the nation. Around 300,000 kids, teachers, and parents have benefited directly from these specialized trainings, which include about 20 topics like warnings against human trafficking, getting lost, sexual assault, earthquakes, fires, drowning, riots, stampedes, traffic safety, and everyday life safety.

Yili Nutrition 2030

The “Yili Nutrition 2030” platform-based public welfare project was created by Yili and the Chinese Red Cross Foundation in response to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs’ and the China Dairy Industry Association’s call for “China’s Milk Action for a Well-off Society” in 2021. The previous project, “Yili Nutrition 2020,” which had been in place for four years, was a targeted effort to alleviate poverty. In addition to implementing the two crucial initiatives for a healthier China and revitalized rural areas, Yili Nutrition 2030 will uphold its ten-year commitment and establish a platform for “Yiqi Public Welfare” that encourages participation from all sides of society. In addition, Yili tries to give nutritional materials, spread knowledge about health, and help kids realize their own aspirations by giving healthy nourishment.

Covid-19 Endeavor

Yili immediately launched the “Emergency Plan for the Control of COVID-19" and distributed nutrients to thousands of hospitals, disease control centers, clinics, quarantine observation points, public security and traffic police departments, and other front-line institutions in 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities across the country at the beginning of 2020, when the sudden hit of Covid-19 raged through the entire country in a short period of time. At the same time, Yili gathered resources from the global supply chain, made a purchase of 1 million masks, and shipped them to the epidemic hotspots around the nation. Additionally, through the “public welfare strategic alliance platform,” Yili collaborated with more than 30 international industrial chain partners, including Suning and Tetra Pak, to combat the global pandemic.