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Yili centers on the implementation of “green industrial chain” strategy

When the concept of “green growth” has become more and more popular, Yili follows the trends and hopes to make contributions by means of creating a green industrial chain with its own characteristics.For Yili, “green” represents the industrial ecology featuring sustained and sound development; “industrial chain” highlights the values and behavioral patterns of stakeholders in upstream and downstream of industry, and more precisely, it should be an organic and uniform system.

Sewage treatment

1.    By 2014, Yili’s sewage treatment plants (stations) was able to dispose 120,000 tons of sewage each day, and degrade 30,000 tons of COD;
2.    The sewage discharged by Yili has met the discharge standards. In the meantime, some of the sewage after treatment will be recycled, which will reduce the discharge of the sewage and effectively protect water resources.


Biogas power generation

YiliJinchuan Sewage Treatment is a leading 10,000-ton sewage treatment plant in China’s dairy sector. The plant conducts comprehensive use of the biogas generated by the anaerobic system, builds biogas power stations, and generatespower of 920,000kWh each year. 

Carbon emissions inspection

In 2010, Yili cooperated with SGS, a third party international carbon verification agency, and took the lead in the sector to carry out carbon emissions inspection. By 2014, Yiliinspected the carb emissions by its plants nationwide for consecutive 5 years, calculated the greenhouse emissions during the production and actively sought opportunities for carbon emissions reduction. 


Yilihas been awarded the International Carbon-Value Awards for 4 times in a row for its business growth pattern featuring the green industrial chain, and became a the best enterprise living up to its social values with the low carbon philosophy. 

Industrial tour

The headquarters of Yili Group is rated as a National AAAA scenic spot. Since the Group launched the industrial tour program in 2005, it received nearly 9 million visitors by the end of 2015.