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Yili Shows a Revenue above 90 Billion Yuan in 2019 Annual Report, Topping Asia Dairy Industry for Six Consecutive Years


On April 28, 2020, Yili, released its annual report in 2019 and its first quarter report in 2020. According to the annual report, in 2019, the company achieved a total gross revenue of 90.223 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.41%, and a net profit of 7 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 7.73%, ranking first in Asian dairy industry for six consecutive years.

Facing the adverse impact of the epidemic on Chinese economic and industrial development, Yili showed its strong anti-risk ability and took the lead in returning to work and production.

According to the first quarter report in 2020, from January to March this year, the company realized a total gross revenue of 20.653 billion yuan and a net profit of 1.153 billion yuan. At present, Yili has been resuming its production and sales rapidly, indicating a vigorous rebound far beyond the industry and a strong anti-risk ability.

The sudden COVID-19 outbreak posed an unprecedented threat to the health of all mankind, said Pan Gang, chairman and president of Yili. In 2020, Yili will rise to and tackle challenges, make innovation and exploration, and play its advantages in brand, resource, innovation and channel globally, striving to become the most trustworthy global healthy food provider. "

Against the backdrop of an increasingly uncertain economic situation worldwide, Yili will quicken the pace to upgrade its product mix and foster sustainable core competitive edges with the aim to develop into a global healthy food giant in the future.

A research report issued by China Merchants Securities showed that with the recovery of the offline market in March, the comprehensive network advantage of Yili's liquid milk and infant formula milk powder businesses will be once again emerged and the company's market share will continue to grow.

Taking the building of a global health ecosystem as its mission, Yili has doubled its efforts to master high-quality milk sources worldwide and speed up to expand its presence in the Southeast Asian market.

Last year, Yili has completed the transaction of the acquisition of Westland Co-operative Dairy Company Limited, New Zealand's second-largest dairy co-operative, marking a significant breakthrough for the company's global expansion.

As Asia's largest dairy company, Yili will adhere to the corporate belief that "Yili represents the highest quality", actively explore new businesses, establish new models, and lead the development of the dairy industry with high-quality, healthy and sustainable business concepts in an attempt to realize its version of becoming the most trusted global healthy food provider.