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Yili, a 12-year sponsor of Olympic Games



2005,The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) and the dairy producer Yili signed a sponsorship agreement, officially making the group the exclusive dairy products sponsor for the 2008 Games that satisfied the Olympic standards.

2008,During the Beijing Olympic Games, Yili provided tasty, nutritious and well-balanced dairy products for 16,000 athletes, coaches and officers from more than 200 countries.

2012,Yili was chosen as the official sponsor of the Chinese Sports Delegation to London Olympic Games. Besides, Yili launched the campaign themed with “Olympic Games of Ordinary Chinese people” worldwide. Among them, the touching stories of aged backpackers and No. 727 fleet appeared on the Routemaster buses, which drew great attention from global media outlets..


2013,Yili renewed its sponsorship agreement with Chinese Olympic Committee. As of 2013, Yili provided tasty, nutritious and well-balanced dairy products to tens of thousands athletes in 640 gymnasiums at 32 sports training bases nationwide.

2014,Yili and Olympic Games partnered for 10 years. Yili continued to sponsor the Chinese Sports Delegation to Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Yili championed lesser known athletes who pursued their Olympic dreams despite the odds of success being stacked against them. The campaign ran on TV stations across China as well as on video sharing sites

2015,Yili and Winter Sports Center under General Administration of Sport of China entered into a 7-year strategic cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, Yili will provide support for winter sports athletes preparing for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, for the sustainable development of winter sports, and for the construction of well-balanced and planned athlete teams, in response to the call that 300 million Chinese people will participate in winter sports, an ambitious plan proposed by the central government.

2016 Yili to join the Chinese Olympic Committee, in Rio "China House" released the people "dynamic evolutionary history." In addition to China's traditional sports into Rio, also tells us to live with vitality, whether a spirit which era are nationals pursuing in.