Sustainable Development

WISH System

Sustainable development is the “golden key’’ to solving current global problems. Yili is committed to fully implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 in pursuit of the goal “World Integrally Sharing Health’’. Committed to the goal of “Creating Social Value’’, making high-quality development a priority, and taking ESG comprehensive value creation as the starting point, Yili has upgraded the WISH system to the "WISH 2030" golden key sustainable development system, with a focus on the four specific action areas of " new vision for value creation", "excellent products and services", "net-zero better future", and " contribution to common prosperity for better living ". Yili is committed to using sustainable development as the golden key to "create value together" and share beauty with everyone.

Win-Win Industry Chain
Li Junran: The wonderfulness brought by the word "integrity".
Li Junran is a Yili distributor in Chengdu who believes that "integrity is the cornerstone of everything." He has incorporated integrity into every aspect of his work, and over the years, he has built a reputation for doing business in hypermarkets, mom-and-pop stores, and various other channels in Chengdu. By partnering with Yili, he is helping to promote healthy living and maintain the highest standards of quality.
Du Lan: Live life as an Inspirational Drama
Meet Du Lan, a Yili distributor for the past thirteen years. To her, the company is like a big family, and she's a parental figure who cares about the growth of every employee. Though she may seem like a "strong woman" to her employees, she's a "supermom" to her daughter. Every day, she seeks advice from life, turning her story into an inspiring drama with a heartwarming script.
Quality and Innovation
The quality of time is running around 600km every day
Ji Jinxiong, the Quality and Technology Manager of Yili's Northwest Milk Source Region, still vividly recalls visiting 119 pastures within a month, covering a distance of 12,000 kilometers. His objective was to ensure strict control over all materials and prevent any mistakes from occurring under his watch.
Going to the "Zero Carbon Future" together
Yili has reached its carbon peak in 2012, and will achieve carbon neutrality throughout the entire industry chain before 2050 to embrace a zero-carbon future.
Social welfare
Yili Nutrition 2030
The public welfare project initiated by Yili in collaboration with the China Red Foundation aims to donate nutrition materials, promote health knowledge, and provide care for children's dreams, ultimately protecting the dreams of children through proper nutrition.
Yili Ark
Yili and the Western China Human Resources Development Foundation have teamed up to launch the Children's Safety Public Welfare Project, which promotes the idea that "the best protection is to teach children to protect themselves".
Yili "One Universe One Childhood"
Yili launched the public welfare project in October 2022, which with the aim of promoting astronomical knowledge and improving the scientific literacy of children.
Yili's Home Action
Through partnerships with reputable organizations like WWF and the China Green Foundation, Yili has undertaken various conservation efforts such as smart grassland protection, northeast wetland conservation, and the preservation of Asian elephant habitats.
Nutrition and Health
Yili breast milk research ecosystem was launched

In December 2021, Yili's breast milk research ecosystem was officially launched, aiming to link top scientific research resources at home and abroad, and invite well-known experts at home and abroad to jointly carry out breast milk research projects. Project cooperation, guided by industrial innovation needs, build an integrated industry-university-research cooperation platform, empower product upgrades, and promote the nutrition upgrade of infants and young children in my country.

Olympic Academy

In response to the country's call for "300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports," Yili established the Yili Winter Olympic Academy.

”China's Rational Diet and Health Report“ project launched

The China Reasonable Diet and Health Report is backed by the National Institute for Nutrition and Health of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Chinese Health Association, and Yili Group. Our focus is on the entire lifespan and health journey of citizens. We have conducted extensive big data analysis on nutrition and health to uncover the main dietary nutrition issues faced by different groups of people in various regions. Based on our findings, we have proposed targeted improvement measures and intervention strategies.